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Ganduri de noapte Audio ( Thoughts of the night- translation in english )

It’s night again. I look out the window to see the snow. It’s not the first time but I am glad like the first time I saw it. I’m not afraid of the dark and I give thanks for a day that passed and for the chance to say thank you – to you., to the nature, to a being who is heading joyfully towards me, to a brid flapping its wings ,to the universe,to an emotion, to a feeling. And I think love should fly free,should rise above everything and come to you whenever it feels to come. And I feel so much beauty in everyone. Did you let it to manifest? Did you asked yourself what did you do to have happiness? Did you realized that happiness in there in you ready to escape with the first spoken word from your heart,the first move of your soul, when you give the best of you. I remain almost speechless to intensity of every moment , to the fact that I simply exist and I’m thankfull that you exist,everyone around me and aswell those who are far from me,wherever you are,wherever I am not